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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I edit MP3 ID3 Tag ?
Follow these directions to start your work,
Step 1, Press "Add File(s)" button to add MP3 files for editing;
Step 2, Highlight each file in the list box and check ID3 V1 Tag or ID3 V2 Tag or both to edit its tag v1 contents or tag v2 contents or both;
Step 3, Press "Update" button to save the tag.

If you need to remove the tag, uncheck the ID3 V1 Tag or ID3 V2 Tag or both to remove ID3 V1 Tag or ID3 V1 Tag or both. Press "Update"?button to save the change.

2. What is Audio MP3 ID3 Tag Editor?
Audio MP3 ID3 Tag Editor is used to edit MP3 ID3 Tag. It is very small and very easy to use. It supports MP3 ID3 TAG Version 1 and Version 2.

3. What is the limit of trial version? For trial version, the title of both v1 and v2 will be appended a string "(trial)" automatically. For registered version, this limit will be removed completely.

4. What is ID3 V1?
The audio format MPEG layer I, layer II and layer III (MP3) has no native way of saving information about the contents, except for some simple yes/no parameters like "private", "copyrighted" and "original home" (meaning this is the original file and not a copy). A solution to this problem was introduced with the program "Studio3" by Eric Kemp alias NamkraD in 1996. By adding a small chunk of extra data in the end of the file one could get the MP3 file to carry information about the audio and not just the audio itself.

The placement of the tag, as the data was called, was probably chosen as there were little chance that it should disturb decoders. In order to make it easy to detect a fixed size of 128 bytes was chosen. The tag has the following layout (as hinted by the scheme to the right):

Song title30 characters
Artist 30 characters
Album 30 characters
Year 4 characters
Comment 30 characters
Genre 1 byte

If you one sum the size of all these fields we see that 30+30+30+4+30+1 equals 125 bytes and not 128 bytes. The missing three bytes can be found at the very end of the tag, before the song title. These three bytes are always "TAG" and is the identification that this is indeed a ID3 tag. The easiest way to find a ID3v1/1.1 tag is to look for the word "TAG" 128 bytes from the end of a file.

As all artists does not have a 30 character name it is said that if there is some bytes left after the information is entered in the field, those bytes should be file with the binary value 0. You might also think that you cannot write that much in the genre field, being one byte big, but it is more clever than that. The byte value you enter in the genre field corresponds to a value in a predefined list. The list that Eric Kemp created had 80 entries, ranging from 0 to 79.

5. What is ID3 V2?
D3v2 is a new tagging system that lets you put enriching and relevant information about your audio files within them. In more down to earth terms, ID3v2 is a chunk of data pretended to the binary audio data. Each ID3v2 tag holds one or more smaller chunks of information, called frames. These frames can contain any kind of information and data you could think of such as title, album, performer, website, lyrics, equalizer presets, pictures etc. The block scheme to the right is an example of how the layout of a typical ID3v2 tagged audio file may look like.

One of the design goals were that the ID3v2 should be very flexible and expandable. It is very easy to add new functions to the ID3v2 tag, because, just like in HTML, all parsers will ignore any information they don't recognize. Since each frame can be 16MB and the entire tag can be 256MB you'll probably never again be in the same situation as when you tried to write a useful comment in the old ID3 being limited to 30 characters.

Speaking of characters, the ID3v2 supports Unicode so even if you use the Bopomofo character set you'll be able to write in your native language. You can also include in which language you're writing so that one file might contain e.g. the same lyrics but in different languages.

Even though the tag supports a lot of byte consuming capabilities like inline pictures and even the possibility to include any other file, ID3v2 still tries to use the bytes as efficient as possibly. If you convert an ID3v1 tag to an ID3v2 tag it is even likely that the new tag will be smaller. If you convert an ID3v1 tag where all fields are full (that is, all 30 characters are used in every field) to an ID3v2 tag it will be 56 bytes bigger. This is the worst case scenario for ID3v1 to ID3v2 conversion.

Since it's so easy to implement new functionality into ID3v2, one can hope that we'll see a lot of creative uses for ID3v2 in the future. E.g. there is a built-in system for rating the music and counting how often you listen to a file, just to mention some brainstorm results that are included. This feature can be used to build play lists that play your favorite songs more often than others.

6. What Features are supported?
Audio MP3 ID3 Tag Editor supports MP3 ID3 Tag V1 and V2,MP3 ID3 Tag V1 includes,

  • Title
  • Artist
  • Album
  • Year
  • Genre
  • Comment
  • Album Track

    MP3 ID3 Tag V1 includes,
  • Title
  • Composer
  • Artist
  • Original Artist
  • Album
  • Copyright
  • Year
  • Genre
  • Encoder
  • URL
  • Track
  • Lyrics
  • User Text
  • Artist URL
  • Preference
  • Mood
  • Tempo
  • Situation
  • 7. What operating systems are supported?

    Audio MP3 ID3 Tag Editor is a 32-bit Windows compatible program. It supports all 32-bit Windows operating systems that include Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME and XP, Vista, Win7

    8. I have lost my registration code, how do I get it again?
    Please email to us .

    9. I have placed an order, when will I get the software?
    Sorry, we do not send out any software or CD disk. We only send out an email with your registration code. You may download the software here and register it with the registration code! If you have not got your registration code, please submit the above information to us.

    10. When I go to run the program, I get an "error starting program" message. The error message says "A required .DLL file, MSVBVM60.DLL, was not found." How do I?

    Please visit the following links for more information;EN-US;q192461
    Or download the VBRuntime Library from the following links and install it on your computer.

    11. Is technical support free?
    Yes, it is.

    12. What can I benefit from registration?
    Send you the registration code by E-mail within 12 hours.
    Free technical support.
    Free upgrade to newer versions

    13. Is your online order secure?
    Yes, it's 100% secure.

    14. How do I place a phone order?

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